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Get Storing with Cotswold Secure Storage in 3 easy steps:
1. Enquire & book a unit Choose a storage solution that's best suited to your requirements.
2. Access your container We will provide you a unique code so you can access your unit on site.
3. Load & lock Unload your items into your container and lock your container.

Why Carteton residents love using Cotswold Secure Storage

Cotswold Secure Storage, the ideal solution for Carterton locals in Gloucestershire, sits just moments away via the B4477. As your closest storage site, it guarantees effortless accessibility. Get in touch wit us for a detailed consultation with our knowledgeable team to address your storage requirements.


Secure Storage Facility Close to Carteton

Securing your belongings is our priority: Our container storage facility is fortified with round-the-clock CCTV surveillance, motion detectors, and gated access to ensure their safety.


3 miles from Carteton

Carterton, situated just 8 minutes or 3.8 miles from Cotswold Secure Storage, provides convenient proximity. This easily accessible location serves as an ideal choice for secure and accessible storage solutions.

Easy Access

24/7 Access to You Storage Unit

Access your container round the clock using a secure pin upon registration. Our facility prioritises constant accessibility, ensuring convenience and peace of mind for all your storage requirements.


Exploring Alternative Storage Solutions?

If you require storage for miscellaneous items such as sensitive documents or larger items like vehicles, don't hesitate to get in touch with us.

We also provide secure storage for:
  • Archive & Document Storage
  • Document Storage
  • Tape Storage
  • Pallet Storage
  • Deeds Storage
  • Book Storage
  • Indoor and Outdoor Car Storage

Our storage experts are here to help you store from Carteton

We have a team of expert storage consultants available to guide you in determining the ideal solution for your needs. Whether you're seeking additional space or require a storage solution for your business, our experts would love to advise you.

We will soon be launching a pick-up and delivery service to further help you store with Cotswold Secure Storage which is located just 3 miles from Carteton.

Other locations Cotswold Secure Storage covers near Carteton

Distance from Local Amenities

RAF Brize Norton - 14 minutes

Carteton Leisure Centre - 10 minutes

Carteton Football Club - 12 minutes

Secure self-storage and container storage near Carteton

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